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EP. 38


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EP. 37 Eric Partaker: on reaching your highest potential in business and lifE

Lewis talks with Eric Partaker, Co-founder of Chilango and a High Performance Coach.

In this episode Eric shares his insights on how he helps ambitious entrepreneurs and leaders break through their barriers and reach their highest potential, in both their work and personal lifes. They talk about his journey starting at McKinsey, and how he helped build Skype's multi-billion dollar success story. This all helped him evolve in to an entrepreneur and become a co-founder of Chilango, building it in to a highly successful business.


EP. 36
Hannah Feldman: on the reality of starting a tech firm

Lewis talks with Hannah Feldman, Co-founder of Kidadl.

In this episode they talk about Hannah's journey from corporate life and what has led her to where she is today. They discuss the concept behind Kidadl, and all the trials and tribulations that go along with starting a business.


EP. 35
Matt Ellison: on hormone blockers, steroids and liberation

This the third and final episode in a special series of podcasts on the

Lewis speaks with Matt Ellsion, an inspiring and thought provoking transgender speaker.

In this episode they explore Matt's life story and his transition from female to male. They also discuss some controversial topics including the age someone should or can transition, the sporting debate on whether particularly trans females should be able to compete in female sporting events and much more.

This podcast is supported by Bentley Lewis, an award-winning boutique executive search firm.


EP. 34
Hubert Viriot: on travel smart, stay smart. The Yotel experience

Lewis talks with Hubert Viriot, CEO of Yotel.

In this episode, they talk about Hurbert's journey and what has led him to where he is today. They discuss the concept behind Yotel, and the fantastic growth and expansion they have embarked on. They also explore the changes and dynamics going on in the hotel industry.


EP. 33
Pauline Miller: on why it's important to be authentic

Second episode in a special series of podcasts on the

Lewis speaks with Pauline Miller, (Head of Talent Development, Diversity and Inclusion at Lloyd's) One of the driving forces of Dive In Festival. Dive In is a global movement in the insurance sector which supports the development of inclusive workplace cultures.

In this episode they explore Pauline's story, her involvement with the Dive In festival, and the impact it is having on the global insurance sector. This podcast is supported Bentley Lewis, an award-winning boutique executive search firm.


EP. 32
Daniel Geey: on tackling the football industry

Lewis talks with Daniel Geey, one of the UK's most highly respected sports lawyers. His clients include Premier League and Champions League football clubs, agencies, rights holders and other sports companies. A Partner in the Sheridans Sport, Entertainment & eSports Team and author of Done Deal, a book that "lifts the lid on the inner workings of modern football.

In this episode, they talk about Daniel's career journey, social media, and the inside scope into football contracts and multi-million-pound transfers.


EP. 31
Stuart Holt: on the kindness movement

Lewis talks with Stuart Holt, a documentary film director and founder of the CRUMB.FILM production company, co-author of the kindness book.

In this episode, they talk about the power of storytelling, Stuart's style of telling stories with his production company and the Kindness movement project. The Kindness Book was inspired by the life story of Robert Acker Holt, Stuart's farther, whose life forever changed, despite Nazi persecution and fleeing the Nazi’s aged 15 – thanks to a small act of kindness shown to him by a librarian. The Kindness Movement is also dedicated to looking to the future and preparing the next generation for the challenges ahead.


EP. 30
Mel Crate:
the war on obesity

Lewis talks with Mel Crate, Founder of Luminate.

In this episode they talk about Nike, who've recently introduced plus-size and para-sport mannequins at its London flagship store. While the move was hailed as a big step forward for inclusivity in sportswear, it didn’t take long for a social media fuelled debate to ensue. They also discuss Cancer Research UK, who've been accused of 'fat shaming' over their recent high impact smoking style obesity campaign. What is the best way to treat obesity and has the time come to redouble our efforts?


Lewis talks with Tony Riddle, the natural life-stylist.

In this episode, they talk about Tony’s journey from growing up in a small English town to becoming a natural lifestyle coach. They discuss what makes the human animal successful in today's world, re-wilding, and relearning the deep connections we have with ourselves, nature and each other.

We hear about how Tony is preparing for his barefoot run from Lands End to John o' Grote's, which will see him run about 30miles per day for 30 days.


Lewis talks with Nick Littlehlales, an elite sports sleep coach. Nick has worked with the worlds top athletes and teams including Alex Ferguson's Manchester United teams, British Cycling and loads more over the past 22 years.

Often taken for granted, sleep is our natural mental and physical performance enhancer, and should not be overlooked. They talk about Nick's journey of becoming one of the leading sleep coaches and how he developed his revolutionary approach called the R90 Technique. Nick describes how great sleep can be achieved through a simple, logical journey of education, awareness, practical steps, and everyday interventions that anyone can adopt.


First episode in a special series of podcasts on the

Lewis speaks with Jason Groves, (Global Director of Media Relations at Marsh) Chair of the steering committee of Dive In Festival. Dive In is a global movement in the insurance sector which supports the development of inclusive workplace cultures.

In this episode they explore Jason's story, his involvement with the Dive In festival for diversity and inclusion in insurance, and the impact it is having on the global Insurance sector. This podcast is supported Bentley Lewis, an award-winning boutique executive search firm.


EP. 26
Jonathan Schor: CodeMonkey, teaching kids to code

Lewis talks with Jonathan, Co-founder and CEO Code Monkey, Tel Aviv-based educational coding company. They spoke about education technology, his thoughts on education, coding, and on getting kids interested in coding. Jonathan shared his story on how he started his business, and how his software has been acquired by Beijing-based education and technology enterprise TAL Education Group.


Lewis talks with Emily Smith, an assistant producer who makes factual documentaries for television. She's about to embark on an epic trip to the US to spend time with the cops. They talk about the reality of working in broadcasting and how on-demand streaming services like Amazon and Netflix have changed the game. They also discuss how important it is to love your job.


EP. 24
Karen Graves: On building a great career by being yourself

Lewis talks with Karen Graves, a Board level Insurance Market Professional, Exec & Non-Exec Level. In this episode, they talk about Karen’s career development, what path she’s taken to get to where she is today. They also discuss confidence, sexism, self-promotion, trusting your instinct, defining success, creativity in the workplace, flexi-hours and how to foster diverse thought at work.


Lewis talks with Spud Nicholson, Head Coach at CrossFit Tufnell Park. In this episode, they talk about Spuds transition from the army to civilian life, and how he found Crossfit. They explore the concept behind CrossFit and the huge benefits to our physical and mental health of eating clean and training dirty.


EP. 22

Lewis Talks with Dr Tom Hostler, lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University. Tom has done research into the phenomenon of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) - a feeling of calmness accompanied by a tingling sensation on the scalp which is commonly triggered by cues such as whispering and close personal attention.

They talk about the concept behind ASMR, Dr Tom's research, how ASMR is used in media and the potential future directions use of ASMR.


Lewis talks with Mel Crate, Founding Director at Luminate, on a mission to help dramatically improve mental health in the workplace.

They talk about why we find it difficult to stick to healthy habits, how we can re-design our habits for better health, and managing our energy effectively in our modern world.

Lewis talks with Aurora Herrera, journalist and media consultant. Aurora Herrera is currently reading for her doctorate in journalism at City, University of London. They discuss the positive and negative influence of media, and how it has a huge impact on society in shaping the public opinion of the masses.


Lewis talks with Sima Adhya, Head of Space underwriting at Hamilton at Lloyd's. She is a recognised expert in space science and specialises in insuring things likes rockets and satellites. She earned a PhD from University College London, modelling satellite orbit perturbations due to the effects of solar radiation.

Lewis talks with Jonathan Nadler, Managing Director at The Academy of Medical Cannabis, Chief Digital Officer & Partner at European Cannabis Holdings (ECH). ECH is on a mission to shape the future of cannabis in Europe, building the infrastructure that will make cannabis more readily acceptable and accessible. Jonathan is also involved in educating doctors on the subject of medicinal cannabis so they can prescribe to patients who need it.


Lewis talks with Benjamina Bollag (MEng), Co-Founder and CEO of meat company Higher Steaks, using state-of-the-art cell culture techniques to grow meat in the lab for human consumption. Higher Steaks is working on revolutionising how we consume meat, and solving some of the worlds most pressing issues from antibiotic resistance to climate change to animal welfare.


Lewis talks with Tangy Morgan, Senior Advisor to Bank of England and Strategia Worldwide. Tangy has over 30 years of global insurance experience, and is at the intersection of financial services and technology. They discuss the future of work, AI, and what different skill sets people will need in the future.


Lewis talks with David Royston-Lee, leadership coach, personal branding expert, and chairman of Future Resume. They talk about the essentials of personal branding, telling the story and building your online brand.


Lewis talks with Toby Hanbury, founder and CEO of The Healthy Vending Company and Touch Automated Retail. They talk about Toby's journey from start-up to sustainable business, and what sells through a vending machine.


Lewis talks with Lee Bofkin, co-founder and CEO of Global Street Art. Lee has a doctorate in mathematical models of DNA evolution and used to breakdance for the UK. Global Street Art has a mission to live in painted cities and have organised over 2,000 legal murals in London since 2012.


Lewis talks with Jonathan Tobin, a venture capitalist specialising in biotechnology investments. They talk about science, investment, and how new drugs get to market.


Lewis talks with Michael Edge, founder of digital marketing agency, Electric. They discuss the potent combination of marketing and psychology, ethical business, and should businesses put purpose before profit?


Lewis talks with Josh Brekenfeld. Josh has a Doctor of Law (J.D.) degree focused in Law and Public Policy. He started his career working in the US Senate in Washington when Barack Obama was President. He talks about moving to London, changing careers in to Insurance and the importance of being authentic and visible in the work place.


Lewis talks with Leon Walker about moving from Manchester to London, diversity in the City of London, and what we can do to level the playing field.


Lewis speaks with Karen Graves, Senior Insurance Executive. They talk about ageism in the work place and the challenges of a workforce including 5 different generations.


EP. 7

Lewis talks with Gilad Amir, a FinTech entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer. Gilad works for a FinTech focused private equity firm, and is a board member of MIRIS, specialists in developing, financing and managing residential and commercial real estate.

Gilad is an expert in financial services, Fintech, M&A, alternative credit, risk and technology.


Lewis talks with Balaji Srimoolanathan, Strategy Manager at the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI). They talk about disruptive innovation, the future of air transport, and urban air mobility.

The ATI is a game changing initiative to strengthen and grow the UK’s aerospace sector, safeguarding future jobs and economic contribution through substantial investment in technologies and capabilities.


Lewis talks with Adam French, the founder of Whey'd. They speak about business, health and nutrition.

"Whey'd produce a whey that is a nutrient dense powder sourced from some of the best dairies in the world. Our cows graze outside in Ireland on GMO-free grass for 80% of the year (more than any where in the Northern Hemisphere). This means our BCAA levels are higher than ANY other whey on the market (the important bit in protein for recovery) and there are no hormones in the milk to give you an upset stomach.


Priyank was a business news presenter on Bloomberg TV India. Covering capital markets and various other sectors. He has interviewed some of the biggest investors in India as well prominent global investors.

We talk about India's fantastic growth story, and his transition from one of the worlds fastest growing emerging markets to London.


Speaking with Adam Goldin, who is Head of UK at CC Land, about Chinese investment into the UK property market, where London property goes next, co-working, co-living, and the rental sector in London. We also speak about how CC Land are innovating by helping to build communities in their buildings.


Lildonia is a holistic practitioner specialising in health and wellbeing. She's a life coach, fitness instructor, and yoga instructor.

She has a background in psychology and mental health and has spent many years working within the caring industries to support people to improve their wellbeing.


Lewis Maleh speaks with Matthew Jaffa from The Federation of Small Businesses.

In this episode, they talk about the current issues within small/micro businesses, that includes commercial and business rates, the impact of hiring an apprentice, positive and negatives of the virtual offices/working remotely, work-life-balance and dealing with Brexit.